The Founders

The founders have vast experience in aeronautical R&D, structural design, development and certification.






Elektra Solar GmbH is a merger of two companies PC Aero GmbH & Elektra UAS GmbH.

Elektra Solar is specialized in the complete design, certification and prototyping of aircraft.

For the past 9 years the company, in particular the predecessor PC Aero, has been designing and building a family of solar-electric aircraft for leisure aviation.


Elektra One, the single seat version has been flying since 2011. The latest version of Elektra One, named Elektra One Solar is equipped with solar cells on the wing surface as range extender. With the support of Elektra UAS, the second partner of the merger (spinoff of DLR’s robotics and mechatronics center RMC), these aircraft are now prepared for test and demonstration of optionally piloted and/or unmanned operation, using advanced autopilot and remote ground control station technologies.







EADCO GmbH is specialized in Management (planning & scheduling, project execution, project controlling, contract management), R&D (research, conception of new technology and products development), structural and systems design.

Our expertise includes: door surrounds and mechanisms; control surfaces and mechanisms; Hydraulics, landing gear, ECS, flight controls, electronics, avionics, design and development of composite components and assemblies in aerospace and other industries.


In the past years EADCO was significantly involved in numerous international aircraft projects such as A350, A400M, A330, A380, A320, NH90 Eurofighter, Seastar and LEARJET 85 with customers as AIRBUS Group, Premium AEROTEC, COMAC, Bombardier, Dornier Seawings, JET Aviation, SABCA, SONACA and many others.

Outside of EADCO and Elektra Solar, other companies are willing to partner with SCYLAX in developing innovative sustainable technologies for the commercial electric aircraft market.

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