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We believe that SCYLAX’s two flagship aircrafts, the E6 and E10, will represent a new standard in the single and twin-engine aircraft market in the form of reducing fuel use in the near future, which is a major cost saving in the aviation industry.


The current market for single / twin engine aircraft is saturated with older legacy models and, due to the fuel savings associated with newer aircraft and models does not justify the cost of purchasing aircraft in the secondary market.
By leading the way to market and being a pioneer of electric aircraft, the E6 and E10 will be the natural replacement for companies looking to acquire or replace their existing aging small commuter fleet.



Reduced or negligible emission and with the provision for solar power fed by renewable energy


At the heart of efficiency is simplicity.  Unlike internal combustion engines with multitudes of moving parts, the SCYLAX system is simple, and only involves one moving part


With no spark plugs, gears, belts, and other traditional mechanical parts that wear, SCYLAX’ electric propulsion systems are refreshingly free from the normal maintenance schedules that aircraft owners have become accustomed to


The E6 and the E10, being purely electric powered, are designed with a range of 400 km with today’s available technology. After in depth discussions with our battery suppliers we can see an average increase in battery storage capacity at circa 5% per year – and with reduced charging times. As intensive ongoing research that is being conducted, we expect a breakthrough in battery technology that will be a game-changer for SCYLAX, as well as for the industry overall

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